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Mar 3, 2014 1:00pm EST
trades on this. our traders are jim urio and anthony grisante in new york. jim, i will start with you. what's your best trade given what we have seen and the moves we've seen already in some of those commodities? >> i think it's oil. remember this. even if people are saying buy the dip and this situation will come to some sort of settlement in the next couple days, markets don't forget immediately what drove them to that spot. the market move can sometimes take a lifetime of its own. i think crude's up to 108, 110 because the market will remember oh, yeah, there's geopolitical risk and it's hard to be short crude. i expect that to be the best trade. >> anthony, do you agree? is there a trade higher on the list for you? >> i agree with jim only because oil was strong even before any of this started. there is high demand for our products not only in the u.s. but around the world. that can be affected. but the trade i'm looking at is gold. i think it's gotten a little ahead of itself. i really don't think in my opinion that we are going to see all out war here. gold getting good resi
Mar 6, 2014 1:00pm EST
today? joining us from chicago, cnbc's contributors jim and jeff. good to see you, guys. >> good to see you, sue. >> the last couple of reports have not been necessarily good reports. what do you expecting tomorrow, jim, and is weather once again going to be the major factor gentleman. >> first, for you to describe those as not very good reports is very kind of you. they're awful reports. tomorrow is again about forgiveness. i think the stock market willing to sapp miss again tomorrow and blame it on the weather. that's fine. jeff when he has a bad performance he blames it on the weather, too. everybody's doing it. fine. the real question what kind of number will not be forgiven by the weather? if it's under 100, as low as 90, maybe we'll take notice. between 100 and 150 people write off as weather. >> jeff, what about you? how are you playing it in terms of today? >> caution up here, sue. if we get a weak number, anemic job number, even 60, a high threshold we have to taper that taper. it's not happening. the equity market, feels like it is. if you have long, you have to protect th
Feb 27, 2014 1:00pm EST
comments by jim cramer this morning saying i can't figure out the bond market and wasn't afraid to say that. basically saying the ten year should be at or below, just below the 3% level. it's telling us something that stocks are not, to steve's point. >> well, tell you what, i totally disagree with jim cramer on that one but i think a bigger notion now is, if the bond market were at 3%, i think would be because of strong data. i think we've gone through kind of the taper move in may, june and july. i think right now it really is nervousness about equities in general. and i wish we had the shark tank crew in that chamber today asking some better questions. >> well, that would be interesting, to say the least. >> i would support that. >> thank you so much. steve, thank you. ricky, see new a little bit. >>> meantime, the big news today. several big name activists embroiled in the news. we broke it here on cnbc with scott wapner. dominic chu is following the action. a lot yorn plate. >> we'll try to get through it all. early think morning, third point nominating three people to the boa
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3